Does a Super Full Moon Mean Super Powers?

Tomorrow, December 3rd we will have a Super Full Moon. This means that the moon is not only full but it’s also in Perigee. Perigee is the point in the orbit of the moon or a satellite at which it is nearest to the earth. Together, the two elements of the Full Moon and Perigee, make it “super.” Now I as you, does this Super Moon give you super powers with all this moon awesomeness?

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Completing Messages: It’s All About Timing

When I receive messages for myself, obviously I get them instantly. Read, processed and understood. When I get message to give to other people, it’s all about timing.

When is the right time to give messages to others?

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Ask Your Higher Self What Is The Essence of You

On another blog I read, Yellow Wolf Enlightenment, I read Julia’s post and it was about Value. Not just about values and what that means to her but she asked her Higher Self some questions and for some pretty interesting answers.

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Light Of God, Auriel


Less than 24 hours in fight and she sold! This is Archangel Auriel who’s name translates to “Light of God.”

She is also known as the Angel of Destiny and if you have insomnia, she is the Angel to connect with. What crystal will help with this connection? The Moonstone of course.

Ironically, this painting was started, completed and sold all during the night of a full moon. Don’t you just love that?

Will I Find Love? A Reading To Find Answers


This is one of the questions that seem to be popular in readings and one of the most difficult to answer. Not that I don’t see the answer but it’s hard to set the fate of someone who is looking for love when I see the turnout as grim.  Continue reading

Get Ready For The Full Moon


Just a heads up all you Moon Phase watchers. January 24th is our next Full Moon. What does that mean? It’s time to increase your physic ability and increase your strength, love and power. You have a window of about 3 days after the 24th so no worries if you miss the day.

Also, for those of you who like to connect with the full moon and have rituals, you have 4 days to prepare. Call in Archangel Auriel because she is all about the moon phases. If you have a moonstone crystal or even a ring like I do, use that was well.

Get Your Moon On!


Pulled this card today and “coincidentally” our full moon was last night. You may be feeling a little emotional today – highs and lows of the moons pull but hang in there – it’s all good. Message here, take the good with the bad, the ups with the downs. This is life my friends, embrace it.

Donna 🌝