Everything You Wanted To Know About Archangel Gabriel

Since the main point of this blog is talking about Angels, I’d like to start to feature one Angel per week.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty about our Angels from how to connect with them, the colors associated with them, their crystals and the special element that each one of them has that can help us in our lives. Today, I’d like to start with Archangel Gabriel.

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Message From Raphael: Gentle Heart

Today’s Message:

❥ Soft music

❥ A light evening breeze

❥ Sipping on tea

❥ Holding a baby’s hand

❥ Petting a cat as it purrs

❥ Listening to Mozart

❥ Anything Pink

❥ Smiling

❥ Watching dandelions blow in the wind

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Use Creativity To Heal Your Mind

Oh one of my favorite cards! CREATIVITY.
Yes I am the Artist type but creativity comes in many forms.

Today Gabriel brings in the message of CREATIVITY but in the way of a mind-set, not by doing something physical.

There are things we see in the world that are upsetting and it’s really hard to wipe those thoughts out of our mind. Today, Gabriel is asking you to get creative and THINK of different ways to clear your mind and in turn, healing your heart.

I personally turn to color. I find comfort in color and when I think about it, it calms my mind, especially certain hues.

How are you going to creatively clear your mind?


Tap Into Your Sacral Chakra With Archangel Gabriel

Nothing like starting the end the week with a little creativity! Archangel Gabriel wants you to tap into that Sacral Chakra and get your creative juices flowing!

Not the Artistic type? Creativity comes in many forms.

Today, you don’t have to sing a song or paint a picture but get creative in other ways. Let’s say you have a pile of work to do by 5:00 and just can’t figure out how it’s going to get done.

Ask Gabriel for some suggestions on how to multitask to get all of it done – and then some. You’d be surprised what you can do when you put your mind to it – you just have to be creative!

Happy Friday 


Today’s Message: Manifest


Good morning Angels! I wanted to talk about today’s card – Manifest.

Gabriel tells us that inspiration is the source of all manifestation. Since it’s Monday, let’s call today Manifestation Monday!

Gabriel’s name meaning “God is My Strength” is the empowerment that gives you the strength to go for it and take from the Universe what is yours.

Call in Gabriel today to help you gain strength to manifest your hopes, dreams and desires and ask,

“why is it so easy for me to

see my desires and

call them my own?”

Start the week off with that great mantra and watch it all unfold this week!

Donna 👀