Set Your Intentions For The 12/12 Gateway. And So It Is

Set your intentions to tap into the power and energy of today’s Gateway. Feel the high frequencies as you connect to yourself and the possibilities of what you can do.



“(Say your name) is ready to connect and feel all that this Gateway has to offer. I feel myself grow and unfold and each cell of my body becomes brighter and stronger as I reach my highest potential. I am ready.”

And so it is ❤

What Are These Energy Gateways All About?

I’m sure you’re hearing about the 11 11 gateway. If you look back in time, you’ll se there is a similar thread to all these “gateways.” From the Lions Gate, all the dates of the number sequences (dates) like 8/8 which his the Lions Gate to 10/10 and now 11/11 – they all have a common thread and that’s energy. We are just dancers in time.

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