Slow and Steady Wins The Race

Many people get frustrated because their gifts don’t open fast enough, or they are not seeing what other people see or want to experience more and I so understand that. I also realize, from the bits and pieces that I learn each week, if I were to get all this “stuff” in one week, I’d freak!


Little by little gifts are opened. Little by little information is given to us to think about and process. Last night, a light bulb came on for me and now I have much to think about.

Take it slow – there is SO much to learn SO much to see and So much to experience. Feel it, experience it and live before moving onto your next level.

The Key To Your Spiritual Gifts Are All In Your Head – Literally

Every wonder why some people have Spiritual gifts and others don’t? Why some people see Angels? Why some people have Lucid Dreams? Why some people are so very Clairvoyant and others are not? Come hear about my theory which is backed up not by me but by a Doctor. It makes you think for sure!