The Need To Ground On 1:11

Journal entry:

After a few weeks of cabin fever, which does not do a body good, I breathed in the dusk air which was a welcoming 64˙. It felt good to stand in my ashy garden just for a few minutes remembering the colors it had this past summer and the colors that will grow in just a few months.


Today is a very symbolic day if you’re into numerology – it’s 1:11 and even our year narrows down to 11 when added together.

Having said all that, while outside I envisioned the growth of the summer that is to come, grounded and recharged my Root Chakra. The Cardinal, very symbolic of the Root Chakra, were abundant and hungry.

I took this picture with my new camera and he was SO far away but I’ll still keep it. He’s my 1:11 ❤

Aura Tree Painting

Trees are symbolic of so many things – strength, grounding and life. Color also is so symbolic especially when it refers to your aura colors. Some people are drawn to certain colors and there’s a reason for that. Come find out what colors are around you.

aura tree painting


These Aura Tree paintings are 7×9 and painted in acrylic. Because they are small, they are perfect for your desk, meditation room, or that little space in your home that is just your space.

These trees are similar to a reading because I will be including messages in the painting for you in the form of colors and pictures but YOU have to find out the meaning. YOU will be connecting with the tree.

Here are some examples of the Aura Trees that have been completed.

aura trees

The Aura Tree is $55 and includes shipping. Order yours here.

A Message From Sandalphon: It’s All About Timing

Angels give us messages everyday but most of the time, they are so subtle they go unnoticed. You have to train both your eyes and your mind to pick up on their messages and it does take time to do this but once you’re attuned to it, there are messages all over the place.

This morning. It started with a post about TIME on facebook. I just randomly grabbed a graphic I had in my computer and posted a #ThankfulThursday blurb. Here it is:

I’m thankful for time. The time I had learning in my life. The time I had with my family and friends. The time I had growing up and experiencing life and the time yet to come.


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I Just Took Back My Energy!

Do you have those days where you just feel off for no apparent reason? Well you may not think there’s no reason but it’s actually an energy loss. Come listen to how I got my energy back after I didn’t realize it  was gone!

Morning Rituals: It’s How I Start My Day


How do you start your day? Do you start your day with coffee or crystals? Come see how I start my day, and why.

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Wanna Know the Quickest Way to Ground Yourself?

You already heard how important it is to be grounded. If you haven’t or want to know a little more about it, you can read my post on how to ground here.

Meanwhile, grab some of your favorite crystals, leave your phone at home or IF you HAVE to bring it, silence it and put it in your pocket. Follow me.

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Archangel Jophiel Makes Herself Known


green-creek-groundingThe other day I’m walking in the woods by my house. The temperature was just right and everyone was either at work or at school so I had the woods to myself.

In case you didn’t know, walking in the woods or anywhere you like, is great for grounding. Grounding is oh so important in the metaphysical world and it’s good to ground daily or more if you want. Plus it’s good exercise for those of us who spend way to much time behind a computer.

Anyway, back to the woods. I was by myself in awe of the sights and sounds. I noticed how green the moss was since we recently got a lot of rain, it was lively and bright.

I loved how the leaves crunched as I walked on them. It sounded like potato chips and I smiled.

I heard rustling in the woods thinking that maybe I’d see some deer but came to realize it was several squirrels and birds startled that I was there in their wonderland.

Water in the creek flowed with vigor again from all the recent rain we had. The water had a beautiful green hue to it and when the sun hit it just right it looked like a magic potion.

I was clearly connected to the beauty of Nature. We became one.

I said to myself how lucky I am to be able to enjoy the beauty that Nature has to offer. I was just in the zone.

When I mentioned beauty to myself, it made me think of Archangel Jophiel who’s name translates to Beauty of God. Then it happened.

The thought was in my head for a split second – Archangel Jophiel and beauty then it hit me – literally hit me. A yellow butterfly came out of no where and beaned me in the face! I was so stunned not only that I got hit in the face by a butterfly but a very specific butterfly. A yellow one.

Why is that so momentous? Because of it’s color. Yellow.

Archangel Jophiel who I just summoned by thinking of her (and yes, that’s all you have to do to catch the attention of an Angel) made herself known to me by showing me that yellow butterfly.

Just a little background of Jophiel. Her name translates to the Beauty of God and she oversees the Solar Plexus. Guess what color the Solar Plexus is?

Yellow 🙂  💛

How To Ground Yourself


I never knew about grounding until I took a Reiki class and learned about it. I didn’t know you had to do it until my head would get all fluttery or I’d just be “out there” in one of my “spooky” moments or just get so overwhelmed with my experiences that I’d get a little floaty. This is why you have to ground yourself, to connect to Mother Earth and keep your self strong and planted solidly on this earth.

When should you ground yourself?

  • It’s not like you’re going to levitate off the floor if you don’t ground yourself but you may certainly feel that way at times. That’s when you ground.
  • You may have had a dream or thought that took you way out into outer space and you felt disconnected after that experience. That’s when you ground.
  • If you have wonderful experiences with Angels or a higher realm and you feel “oh so wonderful” that’s when you need to ground – so you’ll want to return to earth and not get your head all stuck in the clouds. Ground.

Ok. So you get the picture right? Simply put, sometimes it’s the feeling you get after a glass or two of wine, just a little floaty.

How do I ground myself?

Grounding is different for everyone and I’ve tried many different techniques. Some of my friends get very involved with their grounding procedure but for me, I just need a quick visual and set the intention in my mind, and it’s done. This is what I do.

  1. I painted the tree you see in this post especially for my grounding ritual. I’m a very visual person so for me, referring to a grounding image works best.
  2. You can use any image you want to that symbolizes strength and connection to the earth for me and a lot of people, a tree is perfect.
  3. I have this tree in my home office so at this point, all I have to do is look at it and I’m instantly grounded. If I’m not in my office, the image is always in my mind.
  4. Before I start a meditation I see a very strong tree trunk that supports and anchors my tree. As the trunk grows into the ground it’s roots spread out wide into the ground holding onto Mother Earth for an extra strong hold and connection.
  5. The roots go deep, deep, deep into the earth and they can go all the way down to the core of the earth if you want. The long roots tangle around themselves which gives them strength. If you look closely at the picture you can see a pointed foot, like a ballet slipper, that points down into the ground. That reminds me to always keep at least one foot down on the ground, deep into the core of the earth.
  6. The branches of the trees grow in all directions which symbolizes my paths. I can go anywhere I want to because my core is strong and I’m well rooted.
  7. The colors of my leaves are of the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras which are strong and healthy.

The grass around me is green and full of life. This is a healthy tree, a beautiful image and you’re welcome to use it when you need to ground yourself.

Donna 🌀