Archangel Raphael Came To Me In A Dream Last Night

Dreams are so cool! They are like big puzzles and you have to figure them out.

You know Charlie from The Healer on TLC? He was in my dream last night representing Archangel Raphael. So – here it goes –

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It’s Important For YOU To Balance Your Own Chakras

My Chakra Readings have really evolved since last year. The images have always been beautiful and I always gave chakra balancing and cleansing as well but now, I show the clients how to work on their own chakras. Yes I give homework after all, we all should be able to keep our own chakras in perfect shape – I just get you started.

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Why Are The Animals In Our Lives So Important To Us?

As I started my day today, the first feeling I got was “animals.” The birds were exceptionally loud this morning, I heard a dog crying out somewhere in the neighbors yard and I also saw a neighbor looking for her dog that escaped the yard since last night. Ever wonder why all these creatures are in our lives? What role do they play for us?

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Transporting Your Body To Heal Others

I did a long distant healing on my daughter last night because she had a massive headache, fever and was vomiting. She lives three hours away so I couldn’t physically be there but distance was not about to stop me.

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A Healing Message From Archangel Raphael

“Know that when you feel alone, I am with you. Just as the sun rises in the East, I start my day with you.

I see your heart is heavy but feel me there to lift it up.

I hear you call when you have tears in your eyes because the hurt in your life is too much.

I feel you reach out to me when you hit rock bottom and have no where else to go.

My Loved Ones, know that I am only just a breath away. Breathe me in when your life gets so unbearable that the weight of life has taken your breath away.

Know that I am just a glance away. Look for me because I am always with you.

Reach out your hand because I am there, right beside you. I have my healing wings wrapped around you because you are my Loved Ones!

Feel your heart well up with love because I am there filling it with all that YOU love. Just have faith because your heart is bigger than you know.”

healing from archangel raphael

Archangel Raphael

A Message from Raphael

Raphael spoke to me today as I was taking my morning walk. I asked, “what is the message for today?” as I often do to get ready for my posts here – I didn’t hear anything back per say but “healing” which we all know about Raphael, is his main message – always.

I get back from my walk and pulled a card for the day and Raphael shows up, again.

Do we need to hear more? No. We just need to know and feel he is there.

A message from Raphael