How To Use Your Clairs and Psychometry to Get Information

Want to know the easiest way to connect with your Angels and the energy around you?USE YOUR CLAIRS & PSYCHOMETRY. Here’s a story of how I used my gifts to get answers and information during a reading.

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“Angel Expressions” Reading for Just $11

Hi Angels! How many of you get messages when you sleep? I took a mid afternoon nap today after a night of very little sleep and low and behold, my Angels come up with a clever idea.

They came up with “Angel Expressions” which consist of a three card reading for the magic number of just $11. How wild is that?

I thought this was so clever!

If anyone is interested in this type of reading, the link to PayPal is below. Include your email address in the PayPal notes so I can send this to you.


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Which Angel Can Help Me With My Journey?

Well many can but there is one Angel in particular who specializes in just this. Are you familiar with a labyrinth? This tool is what Archangel Raziel is associated with. Come see how both this tool and this Angel can help you with your journey.

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Where Is The Cosmos Taking You Next?

My brain goes in a million directions – always! I have dozens of articles in draft, several paintings started at once and notebooks all over my office of things to do or ideas to implement.

There comes a time when you feel you need to take yourself up a notch and challenge yourself. Always keep your self engaged, surrounded by like-minded people and most of all, trust your gut (that’s the Solar Plexus by the way.)

If you self is telling you that you’ve outgrown something, someone, or a situation that feels too tight for your skin,  than leave it and go. You are on this earth to grow and enjoy yourself and what and where your path is taking you.

  • Will there be road bumps? Yup.
  • Will there be challenges? Yup.
  • Will there be set backs? Yup.

But so what? Once you get there, it’ll be sweet!

I’m going there too! I’m not sure where my “there” is but I’m excited to find out. Thank you energy surge, lol.