ALWAYS Trust Your Intuition!

If there is one thing that I’ve learned is to always trust your intuition. There have been so many times where I’d tap into my Clairs and just know that answer but then doubt comes in and ruins everything. I later find out that I am always right – IF I listen to myself. INTUITION. Trust it, it’s your key to levels and levels of you 

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When We Feel “Off” How Can We Prove It Was An Energy Thing?

I had a great question asked from a member in my Angel Huggers group in Facebook. We were all talking about the strong geomagnetic energy surges that are constantly swirling around and making us feel off. Here’s her question.

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How To Make an Intuition Pie

As I continue with my progress as a Psychic Medium, Angel Intuitive and just a regular old gal, there is one main issue that keeps popping up for most people who are leaning. What is it? Trust. Want to learn how to trust yourself more? I have a recipe for that!

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I Put Myself In Intuition Jail

Saturday I hosted an event called “How To Hear Your Angels” at a local B&B and it was awesome!!!

During set-up, someone had lost her keys and was frantically looking for them before the class showed up plus she had to drive somewhere and that would be hard to do without the car keys.

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How Does A Medium Trust Enough To Do Readings?

I chose three cards today. The first one that showed was TRUST, then FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION then CREATIVITY. This is exactly what you need to do readings. For those of you who give readings, the 1st thing you have to do is TRUST yourself and to TRUST the images and messages that Spirit gives you – that’s what a Medium does.


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Will I Find Love? A Reading To Find Answers


This is one of the questions that seem to be popular in readings and one of the most difficult to answer. Not that I don’t see the answer but it’s hard to set the fate of someone who is looking for love when I see the turnout as grim.  Continue reading