Journal Post: When The Universe Guides

I’m finding that instead of me searching for my way, my way is finding me. The projects that I thought I should be doing somehow are going on the back burner and other projects that my fuel my soul are coming forward. Cords that I’ve cut are not felt anymore and the basic things in life have a whole new meaning. I’m really tapping into my inner, Higher self and it’s self fueling, less work to go where I need to be. I guess what it boils down to is just listening to self, listening to Spirit and the flow of that is effortless.

new beginnings start with love

YOU Have The Power To “Write Your Day”

Metatron helps out with so much! He assists us with our Spiritual evolution, ascension and light body activation just to name a few.

His message today is to write. This of course means the obvious and journal but it also means to write your day. What does “write your day” mean?

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Angel Hug: It’s a Journal Too!


Hi friends! Just wanted to let you know that ideas are coming in hot and heavy. Having said that, Angel Hug is also going to be my journal.

If you are a subscriber and want to limit your posts, please do so now. If you’re excited about the Angelic Realm, keep an eye out for the “journal” tabs in the Cloud to the right of this blog.

Thank you all for subscribing.

Donna  ✐