How Are You Feeding Your Mind, Body and Spirit?

Good morning Angels! Wow the weekends go fast don’t they? I hope you all did something fun to lift your spirits and your vibration.

Life should be in balance and with that balance is Joy. Angels want us to have joy in our lives and to live it to the fullest. What did you do this weekend to bring Joy into your life?

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Are You Hesitating About Your Choices?

Today I was drawn to read from a regular deck of 52 – it’s actually the way I started card reading believe it or not.

So here we have the 5 of Clubs. The number 5, on a scale 1-10 is the half way mark, right in the middle right? It also represents Love and Joy.

Love and Joy the five of clubs

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Who Is Jophiel?

The solar plexus which is right in your gut, right below your rib cage. This is one of the lower chakras that are of earths energies. When your solar plexus is out of balance, you may find yourself crossing your arms over your middle in the guard position.
Who is Jophiel

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