Charge Your Mind Not Your Crystals

Here we go! It’s full moon time and now you’ll see everyone saying the same thing – get your crystals out and charge them in the full moon. Well, now is the time to get out of that simple mindset and focus on YOU and not your crystals. What do I mean? I’ll tell you.

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The Angelic Realm Says, “Just Bee”

Morning Angels! How is everything going? Let’s chat.

So much has been going on in my neck of the woods and it’s all wonderful. After working with AA Metatron VERY closely for most of this year, I felt him leave last night. I’m a little sad but I’m also excited because I know there’s another Archangel that has something special to show me.

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The Angels Say, “Just Be”

This is so interesting, especially now when the energy is all wonky and half of us are sick and the other half are all spooled up.

So the other day a channel message came in of ‘just be.” Clever isn’t it?

When things get all crazy and confusing, just step back and “just be” until you can find your bearings. That is step one.

Once you give yourself a little time to think and feel, then you just dive right in! That is step two. Hmmmm, I wonder if there will be a step three?

I’m pretty sure that step three is the result of step one and two. Sounds obvious right? For me, it’s already in action and I’ll be talking about that in another post 🙂