Do The Spider Webs In Your Life Prevent You From Walking Your Path?

When is a spiderweb not a spider web? When it’s the things in life that can stop you in your tracks and prevent you from moving forward, like a block, barrier or some inconvenience in life that will make you throw your hands up in the air and give up.

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Your Path Will Get Blocked But Keep Walking

Today’s Affirmation. Please remember, the energies are STRONG and TESTING. If something is not sitting well with you, look at what it is – REALLY look at it. There is a lesson there. There’s a really good chance this experience will not be pleasant because all that we are going through now is a test. If we chose to learn, we move forward. If we allow it to bring us down, we have more learning to do. All in time. Take your time to see what your life lessons are.

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Ask Your Higher Self What Is The Essence of You

On another blog I read, Yellow Wolf Enlightenment, I read Julia’s post and it was about Value. Not just about values and what that means to her but she asked her Higher Self some questions and for some pretty interesting answers.

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