Message From Raphael: Gentle Heart

Today’s Message:

❥ Soft music

❥ A light evening breeze

❥ Sipping on tea

❥ Holding a baby’s hand

❥ Petting a cat as it purrs

❥ Listening to Mozart

❥ Anything Pink

❥ Smiling

❥ Watching dandelions blow in the wind

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Are You Hesitating About Your Choices?

Today I was drawn to read from a regular deck of 52 – it’s actually the way I started card reading believe it or not.

So here we have the 5 of Clubs. The number 5, on a scale 1-10 is the half way mark, right in the middle right? It also represents Love and Joy.

Love and Joy the five of clubs

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Will I Find Love? A Reading To Find Answers


This is one of the questions that seem to be popular in readings and one of the most difficult to answer. Not that I don’t see the answer but it’s hard to set the fate of someone who is looking for love when I see the turnout as grim.  Continue reading