How Can I Get What I Want From Life?

(This will be a little ranty) BIG question right? Will it sound too simple if I say “just ask?” When you have a conversation with Spirit, Spirit actually listens. Want something? Ask for it. Ready for a change? Make it happen.



The Phoenix Has Risen – painting by Donna Frasca

The past few weeks I’ve been feeling a change coming over me. Everything, every conversation, the Facebook groups, people talking and asking the same silly questions over and over and the annoying people who just want free readings or “can you just tell me if my partner is cheating on me” messages I get daily. Everything just seems so basic and redundant, people complain SO much and yes, if you have to ask, your partner IS cheating on you. Continue reading

What Is A Good Mediumship Reading? When People From The Other Side Connect.

I am SO enjoying doing these Mediumship Readings! Not only do I get to speak with the client on the phone but I get to meet their family – in Spirit.

Come hear how readings can give someone a sense of healing, love and laugher.

Connecting with people who have passed Continue reading