I Put Myself In Intuition Jail

Saturday I hosted an event called “How To Hear Your Angels” at a local B&B and it was awesome!!!

During set-up, someone had lost her keys and was frantically looking for them before the class showed up plus she had to drive somewhere and that would be hard to do without the car keys.

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How Do I Know That The Messages I Hear Are From My Angels?

So in my world I work with color, art and Angels. I love to talk about all of them!!

Since next Saturday I’ll be teaching a class on How To Hear Your Angels and I wanted to share with you a question that ALWAYS comes up.

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Angelic Messages From Birds

This is interesting. Whenever I feel a little wonky, I look around and see what I can sense to figure out what is going on. All morning, almost three hours now, there is a Blue Jay screaming around in my neighborhood. I rarely hear Jay’s here. So I look up the meaning and find this … which is perfect for me. Makes total sense. Now, I can start my day 


angelic messages from birds

A Message from Raphael

Raphael spoke to me today as I was taking my morning walk. I asked, “what is the message for today?” as I often do to get ready for my posts here – I didn’t hear anything back per say but “healing” which we all know about Raphael, is his main message – always.

I get back from my walk and pulled a card for the day and Raphael shows up, again.

Do we need to hear more? No. We just need to know and feel he is there.

A message from Raphael

Completing Messages: It’s All About Timing

When I receive messages for myself, obviously I get them instantly. Read, processed and understood. When I get message to give to other people, it’s all about timing.

When is the right time to give messages to others?

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A Message From Sandalphon: It’s All About Timing

Angels give us messages everyday but most of the time, they are so subtle they go unnoticed. You have to train both your eyes and your mind to pick up on their messages and it does take time to do this but once you’re attuned to it, there are messages all over the place.

This morning. It started with a post about TIME on facebook. I just randomly grabbed a graphic I had in my computer and posted a #ThankfulThursday blurb. Here it is:

I’m thankful for time. The time I had learning in my life. The time I had with my family and friends. The time I had growing up and experiencing life and the time yet to come.


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I Don’t Want This Card! I Want a Re-Do

Guardian-AngelWhat is my message for today?

I had a lot on my mind last night – nothing serious just those little things that add aggravation to my day but never-the-less are annoying as heck. Well I just need to learn to let go of those little things but we all know it’s easier said than done right? Continue reading

When Messages From Angels Are Loud and Clear


Over the past several weeks some of you may know that I’ll be hosting Mind, Body, Spirit Workshops in my town. A few times a week I ask my Guides if this is the path for me and 9/10 the “Teacher” card is pulled. The other card? It’s the “WRITE” card from Metatron and I know I have a VERY STRONG connection with him. 

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What Do I Need To Work On Today?


Oh don’t you love starting the day asking massive questions like this? Well, it’s how I start my day and it really helps get my thoughts in line for the day. So today’s question is What do I need to work on today?

The yard? Housework? My waistline? Although the answer may be yes to all these questions you know I’m going to dig deeper right? Right 🙂

So I got my Angel cards out and pulled the Loyalty card.

The answer is Loyalty. Like the love of a pet, loyalty will always be there, unconditionally. Our pets will always be loyal to us but are we loyal to ourselves? Made you think didn’t I.


Surprising enough, I pull this card a lot, a lot, a lot. Is someone trying to tell me something? Well yea, if this card keeps coming up.

Am I being loyal to myself? We all have an inner self that we keep inside because of fear. Fear of showing our emotions, feelings or just our selves.

When we are alone with ourselves we are true and loyal to what we feel and want to be. When we are with the public the facade comes up and we are not being loyal, quite fake actually.

Is it time in your life to be loyal to the true you? With your feelings, emotions, gifts? What’s stopping you? Fear?


Being loyal to yourself is scary. What will people think? Will they look at me funny? Will they talk about me? Will I care? Our loyalty to ourselves is always being tested.

Keep in mind that there is only one you and you have good stuff to share with the world. When you are loyal to yourself your inner self will shine and it will feel good.

How am I loyal to myself? Well writing this blog was huge for me. Should I? Will people think I’m weird? The answer is yes and yes.

Keep in mind that no matter what you do, some people will always turn their eyebrows up at you for some reason but that’s THEIR problem not yours. Live your life, you only go around once.

So be loyal to you first! It’s your life.

Donna 🌀

What Is My Message For Today?


This is a great question to start the day. When you start the day with a question you can spend the day answering it. My question to myself today is, “What is my message for today?” Easy question? Yes but the answer can get complicated.

I have a beautiful set of Oracle Angel cards and asked this very question for myself today. Yesterday was a little emotionally rough for me but I got through with the help of some awesome friends and of course Divine intervention.  We all have good days and bad days, that is what life is all about. It’s how we react to these days which will define us or lead the way in how we behave for the next few days.

Had a bad day? How long does it take for you to get over that “ugg” feeling? I remember many years ago it would take me days, weeks and in some cases, years to get over a grudge. Today, I just let myself feel it for the day, think about it and then let it go. There is no need to harbor any negative feelings or emotions.

Love changes a lot and sometimes it boils down to I love myself and I will not allow myself to be in a toxic situation. It’s just not healthy.

I love the people around me but sometimes a few of them are just not a good fit for me or they just have an bad energy personality that I choose not to feel.

bless you.002

I love myself enough to say to those who are not a healthy fit in my life, “I bless you on your journey” but unfortunately, some of those people just can’t be sent away.

The mind is a very powerful tool. So to make peace with myself I visualize people that need to take a journey and send them walking on a path that I created in my mind. They are here but they are not.

The best part about journey’s is that you can always come home. I love you.

Donna 🌀