Archangel Metatron Holds His Presence In Egypt

So at this point you should know that:
• there are Angels that represent our Chakras
• there are Angels that are associated with certain crystals
• there are Angels that are associated with certain colors

Did you know that Angels are associated with certain geographic locations? Yes they are!


For example, Archangel Metatron has his “light temple” in Egypt. I have a HUGE connection to Egypt which is probably why I’m so drawn to Metatron.
See how all this is starting to come together?

The Energies of 2017 Are Already Here!

Morning Angels! Oh what an amazing day!!!

Last night before I went to bed I did a New Moon ritual and gave myself a hands on healing with the codes that Metatron gave me in January that I had used in a Reiki Attunement in November which was nothing short of a Spiritual experience.

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Can Reiki Be Upgraded To a Newer Version? Metatron Say YES!

How is Reiki like an old car?

What? How can you possibly compare the beautiful healing energies of Reiki to an old car? Well, like a car, as the year comes to an end, there is a new and improved model ready to replace it. Here’s what I mean.

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Which Angel Can Help Me With My Work?

Metatron the angel to help with work
Yesterday I had someone ask me what Angel can help her with some reports she had to get done. I instantly gave her Archangel Metatron.
Metatron is the Angel that not only helps you with your Souls mission on a personal level but he also will help you with your business work especially if it has to do with writing.
Metatron is a very big, complex Angel. Don’t hesitate to ask for help with your work when you need answers or if you have decisions to make.
He’s all about focus and balance therefore making him the perfect Angel to help you with your homework 🙂

Another NEW Way To Do A Card Reading: Three Months Out!

Nothing like starting the day with a major channel from Metatron. He just gave me a great way to do a card reading for you – for the next three months out – not just “message of the day.” This very cool and will be a new service that I’m going to specialize in. I have to hash out the details but wanted to at least get this video going. I’m so excited about this!!!!!

Metatron: He’ll Keep You Centered and Focused

It’s Friday and the week is almost over. Today, it’s very easy to get distracted and want to start your plans for the weekend after a long, hot, busy week. Metatron will help you stay focused today.
Metatron will help you stay focused and centered
Here’s a tip for you. Women, do you have a diamond ring on right now? Well that is all you need to connect with Metatron. His crystal is the diamond or clear quartz.

He gives you a “clear vision” as you walk your path or just try to get through the day. Have a tough report to complete at work and can’t concentrate? Focus on clarity and ask him for help. Not sure of where you want to go in life? Look at that diamond and see how clear your answers can be just by connecting with him.

He is about balance and keeping you on track for what you need to do. Trying to diet? Party too hard on the weekends? Overindulged too much and feel the need to get back in line? Or, need to stay on your diet during the weekend after being so good during the week? Call in Metatron to grab you by the shirt collar and help guide you back to where you need to be.

Metatron is a very strong Angel with a very strong presence. You know he’s in the room when you are attracted to shinny things. See a bit a glitter out the corner of your eye? Love the colors on the wall that a prism makes when you hold it in the sun as it reflects? That’s him.

Enjoy your Friday and stay balanced and centered.

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