How Can Metatron’s Cube Help Me?

I virtually visualize Metatron’s Cube going into my body starting from my head, the Crown Chakra. As it passed through your body all the edges of the cube pick up and gather all the stuff in your body, by your Chakras, that doesn’t need to be there – like a filter.

As the Cube goes throughout your body and out your feet, send it right down to the Earth. As the Cube passes in the Earth all the debris so to speak, gets taken off the and is back to being shiny new. This is the wonderful tool that Archangel Metatron has for us to keep our Spirit squeaky clean.


Here is a blog post I wrote that goes into deeper detail
How To Use Metatron’s Cube To Clear Your Body


How To Use Metatron’s Cube to Clear Your Body

METATRON IS NO SQUARE. Ever hear of Metatron’s Cube? That’s his tool! The interesting factoid about Metatron’s Cube is that this shape contains every single geometric shape known to man. Come learn how to use his cube to clear your body.

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