When You Think About Angels, They Will Come

The interesting thing about Angels is when you start to focus on them, they are on you like a moth to a bright light.

I’m working on copy for my Intuitive Angel Certification course and Archangel Michael is up first. It’s like he says, “Oh look! Donna is connecting with me so I’m going to go over there and hang with her a little closer.” What does this mean?

four main archangels

When you call upon an Angel, they come. Now don’t freak out if you can’t see them, that is not what’s important here. What’s important is if you FEEL them. That is what my course is going to be about too.

It’s super important to be able to know what each Angel FEELS like so if you notice a mood change in yourself or if you get a little bit of confidence or guidance, you’ll be able to identify where that energy came from.

Like I said, I’m working with Michael this week. So how do I feel today? I feel ambitious, motivated, passionate about who I am and what I do and I also feel a drive that continues to move me forward to keep doing what I do. THIS my Angels, is Michael.

Angels are pure energy and that translates to emotions. Note how you feel each day, write it down and also note which Angels you are thinking about. Keep the list of Angels simple which is why I’m just working with the four main Archangels at the time.

Know them, feel them, love them ❤

Archangel Michael Comes In Today With A Message of Strength

Who’s the Angel that has the strongest attitude. Do you know? This Angel will say what he wants, fly in when he wants and most definitely tell you what’s on his mind.

Did you say Michael? Well if you did, you are 100% right.

Michael Continue reading

Tap Into The Moon and Stand In Your Power

And this beautiful card was pulled for today! What perfect timing to STAND IN YOUR POWER when the moon is so very strong. Are you feeling your Higher Self lining up yet? Again, this year is coming to an end and we ALL worked very hard getting to where we are today. Now is the time to step forward and stand in your power. It’s there. It’s BEEN there! Feel it, live it, love it.


So One Day I Was Having a Chat With Michael

Who wants a laugh? Ok – the other day I was taking a rest in my room. It was quiet, no one was in the house and I felt it was a good time to chat with my Angels.

I said to myself, well I was talking to my Angels but wasn’t speaking out loud, I said, “Michael? How about we have a chat?”

chatting with archangel michael

Then all of a sudden I see what looked like the sculpture by Auguste Rodin, The Thinker clairvoyantly pop up next to me and I clairaudiently hear, “What do you want to talk about?”

Well I was so startled that I totally forgot my thoughts!!!! How’s that for crazy?

My Angel Painting: It’s All About Metatron


I have a service that I LOVE – it’s Spiritual Paintings and I’ve done quite a few already. The other week I was saying to myself, I wonder what MY Spiritual Painting would look like – so I hit the canvas. Continue reading