Your Choices Determine Your Experience Of Life. Choose Wisely!

MOVEMENT – Archangel Sandalphon says to keep your body moving, and your energy flowing so that your Chakras are kept healthy and your physical body strong. What about the movements in life that we can’t see?

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Move Your Body To Unblock Your Chakras

We are energy. Our Chakras are energy. Our bodies are energy. If we don’t move our body there energy can get stuck or can move just a little too slow – this is the start of how energy blocks are created.

Lucky, there is a really easy fix to feel good and get those chakras spinning!

Movement: Get Your Soul in Motion

MovementWe all know moving and exercise is healthy for our bodies but take that one step further and notice the movement in your life. Watch the birds fly, the trees sway and how children play. Take notice of the small movements in our lives such as the flow of water because they may be the most nourishing to us. Everything has energy. Everything has movement. Enjoy it!