The Angel Of OPPORTUNITY Speaks To Me

It’s early Sunday morning and I’m looking out my window, reflecting and enjoying the birds singing, particularly the very loud Cardinal. I also note a squirrel enjoying its morning snack. The squirrel is also a totem animal of mine – at this time.

I have so many ideas that are always running through my head – Spirit just sends and sends and sends. However many of them just remain in my head because of the amount of information I get and then the dilemma of me trying to figure a way to present it all to you.

As I pulled my card of the day I asked my Angels for guidance. “How can I works smart and not hard yet share all this amazing information?” Then I pull the card of OPPORTUNITY.


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Today’s Message: Opportunity


The old saying “as one door closes another one opens” is your message for today. There’s always opportunities for the taking but we may not always see them.

Keep your eyes open for your opportunity and take advantage of it. Maybe a new job? Maybe a new hobby? Maybe even a chance to travel somewhere with a friend.

Opportunities can also come in small packages for instance, my opportunity today is time. I have the house to myself to be able to catch up on my office work and the never ending list of “to-do’s” that have to get done. So for me, my opportunity is time and I’ll take it!

Whatever it is, take advance of your opportunity today and make the most of your life.