All About Out Of Body Experiences: Here Is My OBE Explained

It’s the one experience in my life that scared the crap out of me yet it was the most profound message. It just took me nearly 30 years to know the meaning behind my OBE (out of body experience.)

During this 30 minute video, I explain step by step how I slipped into the OBE and how I came out if it.

I also answered questions that were sent in.

The wild thing about this video is I got visited by an Angel, and I believe it was Archangel Haniel during a VERY timely sentence. Love these synchronicities!


Can You Be In Two Places At The Same Time? YES!!!


Is Bilocation possible? I say yes! This sounds crazy doesn’t it? But trust me when I tell you that this is possible – because I did it.

Keep in mind that everything I write in this blog is an experience of mine that I want to share with you. It’s all with the intent of me teaching or having you become aware of things that you may have experienced and would like to know more about.  Come read how I was in two places at one time – this was a first for me! Continue reading

I Traveled The World While I Slept Last Night

praying-mantisMy dream pattern has been odd lately. It feels like Groundhog Day – the same wake time, 2:30 am and I can’t remember my dreams like I normally do – I literally feel like I’m living the same night every night. The only thing that stuck out the other night was seeing a Praying Mantis – there were a bunch, about four.

So last night I asked my Angels for clarity and boy did it get it. Not only did I celebrate the New Moon last night but I saw some things that felt like it was from a much higher realm. I’ll draw them later and post them here, I need a few hours on my iPad to create them. I also woke at 4:14 instead of 2:30. Continue reading