In Times of Hardship, Angels Are Everywhere

So much is going on these days and now, Hurricane Matthew. That is a lot of energy swirling around, energies of  worry, sadness, disbelief and anger.

Whenever there is a concentration of that energy around – and you’ll find it in hospitals, funeral homes and dentist offices just to name a few, you’ll find Angels.

angels protect
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Do We Need To Protect Ourselves Everyday?

spiritual-tetnaus-shotLast night I was in a tiff with myself about having to protect, ground and be on guard everyday just in case some ugly energy or Spirit comes by. I’m thinking, this is no way to start the day with negative thoughts of “oh it’s a new day, time to protect myself!” I just don’t like that feeling and honestly, it brings my vibration down.

I can’t be in the place I need to be if I’m dwelling on protecting, saying prayers every night before bed so the boogie man doesn’t come get me and makes sure my shield doesn’t have any cracks in it – fear, fear, fear!!!

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