“Angel Expressions” Reading for Just $11

Hi Angels! How many of you get messages when you sleep? I took a mid afternoon nap today after a night of very little sleep and low and behold, my Angels come up with a clever idea.

They came up with “Angel Expressions” which consist of a three card reading for the magic number of just $11. How wild is that?

I thought this was so clever!

If anyone is interested in this type of reading, the link to PayPal is below. Include your email address in the PayPal notes so I can send this to you.


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“I Want To Dance With My Girls Again.” A Message From The Other Side

When it comes to connecting with loved ones on the other side, details are key otherwise, you’re really just telling a story.

When you get a reading, anyone can say, “oh your Dad loves you” or “your sister is with you always know that.” Yea, we get that already. What is it about a Mediumship reading that qualifies it to be a Mediumship reading? Details.

Mediumship details are important

I did a Mediumship reading yesterday and it was so amazing! I would not have believed it if I was not there myself. After these readings I alway step back and ask, “where did all those details come from?”
As the reading progressed I got names, visuals of random images, words, numbers, colors, anything and everything. I didn’t (or tried not to) filter out anything and it’s a good thing I didn’t because I would have missed a MAJOR detail.

When I was doing a reading yesterday I was sitting my office chair with my feet propped up on another chair as I was taking notes. At one point I looked up at my feet and saw a little, tiny, single spec of something shiny on the top of my foot by my ankle. I looked at it because yes, it did catch my eye.


I wondered why there was just a single piece of glitter stuck on my ankle and at first, I didn’t think anything of it because I also do arts and crafts in the same office and glitter just lived there. Can you see that little tiny red spec on my left ankle? That was what caught my eye but it wasn’t red it was a single piece of gold glitter.

I remember looking at this little spec on my ankle and wondering why I was STILL looking at it. I was going to brush it off but something inside of me was still wondering about the glitter. How did it get there? Why am I so focused on one spec of glitter?

As those questions ran through my mind, I then knew it was a message. After all the readings and training that I’ve had, I know that if ANYTHING catches my attention, even if it’s for a split second, it’s important.

I then focused on the spec of glitter and asked questions. Who did I ask? Well the clients Angels, Guides and most of all, her passed loved ones because they are the ones that I’m trying to connect with to get messages from.

Ok, Let’s go!

As I’m looking at the spec of glitter I then heard in my mind, “tattoo.” I wrote that down.
I then asked for more information about the tattoo and at that point, saw the piece of glitter change its shape. It was REALLY difficult to see because it was SO small. I felt the fact that it was small was important so I wrote that down – “small tattoo.”

I couldn’t really see the tat because it was so small and at one point it looked like a devil but didn’t want to say that thinking it would freak the client out. That was a mistake.

I made a mistake of using a filter in a reading because I thought the client would be upset. I broke a rule.

Anyway, the tattoo was so small my best guess was that it was a star of some sort. Maybe the image was not that important but the fact that I saw that it on my left ankle was good enough.

I realized that a Spirit on the other side was working really hard to get this message about the tattoo to me. After all, this was a detail that could make or break this reading.

So I wrote down, “small tattoo on left ankle, possibly a star or sword, the image was hard to see.”
When I spoke with the client, I found out that yes, her sister had a VERY small tattoo of a devil on her left ankle. That was where I screwed up!!!! Her sister DID show me a devil tattoo but I put my filter on because I thought the client would be upset about the devil image when in fact, it was crucial that I said that.

Any who, it was still very impressive that I noted her passed sister did have a tat on her left ankle and yes, it was very, very small. That was good.

The reading progressed and more details about her sister come in that only she and her sister would know, such as how they enjoyed eating baloney sandwiches together. I thought that was so cute and actually heard her sister laugh, she told me “lol.”

Other passed loved ones came in, one of which was her Dad. I described her Dad to a tee with his silvery white hair and his blue plaid flannel shirt that he loved to wear. I also noted his name which is not easy to get but awesome when they give it to me.

“Did your Dad ever dance with you and your sister when you were kids?” I asked my client.

This was apparently a HUGE detail because yes, they in fact danced quite often. I then heard her Dad say, “I want to dance with my girls again.” How beautiful and I almost cried when I heard this!!!!

The reading progressed and other amazing insights came in but connecting with her sister and Dad was awesome.

How did I end the reading? It’s important to close the reading with final thoughts or suggestions. Since her dad wanted to dance with his girls again, I suggested that one day when she had the house to herself, to put some music on and have that dance with her Dad and her sister, just the three of them two of which are in Spirit ❤

Readings are Way More Than Just Using Cards

Since I’ve been doing readings for about two years now, I noticed something really cool. Readings are not just about cards. If Spirit wants to get information to someone they will find a creative way to do so. Cards are cool of course but keep in mind, Angels use more than just cards when they need to give messages. Here’s just a few things that were used in my readings over the years.

What to talk to your angels? Continue reading

Is It Possible To Connect With Spirit While Drinking?

Everyone one is different but I can only tell you what I’ve experienced. Spirits and Spirit is a combination that is not for everyone but you won’t know until you try. Come hear about my tests, from drinking to hangovers.

Video Card Readings: You can see me, your cards and your crystals!

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Talk about convenience! Here, you get to see me, the cards I suggest for you, the crystal AND the oils – all from connecting with your energy.  Through trial and error, I’ve tried email readings, Skype reading and live readings. If you’re local of course live readings are obviously the choice but what if your schedule or location doesn’t allow you to be present? This is where these video reading come in. Come see how it’s done. *** Mediumship Readings are done live if you’re local, phone or Skype.

What Is A Good Mediumship Reading? When People From The Other Side Connect.

I am SO enjoying doing these Mediumship Readings! Not only do I get to speak with the client on the phone but I get to meet their family – in Spirit.

Come hear how readings can give someone a sense of healing, love and laugher.

Connecting with people who have passed Continue reading

What Did I Learn Thus Far From Doing Readings?

I’ve done some practice readings this week on the phone and have some information that I’d like to share with you. It’s all about energy. If the energy and connection is strong, the reading will be one amazing experience. 
Tips about readings
• The energy of the recipient needs to be good. Ask the person not to be on speaker phone. It’s like they start off the reading by “keeping you at a distance” and that energy, at least for me, is felt and the connection is not strong.
• Readings are an A/B conversation. If just the reader is doing all the talking and the recipient has nothing to say, the energy is dead in the water and the reading is VERY general.
• Not all past relatives have something to say to their loved ones. Some are quite and are very content where they are, being quiet. I like to mention this factoid in the beginning of the reading just so the client knows what to expect.
• I’ve noticed a lot of animal energies are showing up – not necessarily their animals that have passed but animals that just like to be around people.
• For me, I start getting information in before the actual reading. I tell Spirit that I know they are excited but can they please wait until the correct time to connect. It’s all about those rules and regulations.
• At the end, I always like to thank all the Angels, Guides and Spirits who joined in the reading.
The thing to keep in mind is that when readings are given, they are ALL messages from Spirit. If something is mentioned by the reader such as (see below) it’s the choice of the client to act upon that if they feel it resonates with them. Readers should never tell you what to do.
  • It looks like you may be teaching this year
  • Working with children feels like a nice direction for you
  • I see traveling looks like it can be fun for you this summer
Readings are all about free will. Suggestions are made but they are up to you to choose that path. Tap into the way you feel and how the reading resonates with you. Keep in mind that your participation is key to adding to this beautiful experience.
If you’d like to book a phone reading with me, they are $75 and anywhere form 30-60 minutes long. I look forward to doing a reading with you.

How To Use A Deck Of Cards To Connect With Your Angels

What ways do you communicate with Angels? Have you ever worked with a regular deck of cards?

using cards to connect with angels

• Red can be yes, black can be no.
• Suits are very similar to Tarot.
• Into numerology? Focus on that
• Have a question about love? Look for the Hearts (Cups)
• Career? It’s all about the Diamonds (Pentacles)
• Creativity? Clubs (Wands)
• Head stuff? Spades (Swords)

1 – Ace – Beginning, success, goals, milestones, new, self-love, hope, ego, I AM
2 – Connection – union, meetings, open paths, partnerships, togetherness, contracts, teamwork,
3 – Communication – new roads, choices, verbalize,
4 – Foundation – base, make or break, teeter, stay centered, choices
5 – Love/Joy – middle point, safe,
6 – Balance – secure, teeter,
7 – Sacrifice – work around obstacles, good things come to those who wait
8 – Wisdom – strength, strong, feel good number, infinity, no beginning, no end
9 – Completion – goals reached, retirement, let go, you’re done, ending, door open/close, victory
10 – Success – goals reached, top of the world, achievements, fulfilled,

I’ve noticed that numbers represent different things depending on who’s doing the reading – that’s ok! Go with your gut.

The cool thing about reading with these cards is you can practice or read anywhere and people think you are playing Solitaire