Can Reiki Be Upgraded To a Newer Version? Metatron Say YES!

How is Reiki like an old car?

What? How can you possibly compare the beautiful healing energies of Reiki to an old car? Well, like a car, as the year comes to an end, there is a new and improved model ready to replace it. Here’s what I mean.

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My First Class As Reiki Master Teacher

So much to say today! I’m thrilled to be experiencing my first class tomorrow as a Reiki Master Teacher BUT with a twist. With all these new energies, I’ll be offering some NEW healing symbols in my class. The symbols were downloaded to me earlier this year by Archangel Metatron. It’s a special time ❤healing hands of reiki

It’s An Angel Intervention! A New Service Just Flew In


There are times when we all feel like we’ve walked through a wind storm with everything blowing every which way and things are up, down and all around – you know that feeling right? Well so. do. I.

I wrote a journal post yesterday about which path should I take and I “had” so many questions!!!! Confusion set in and uncertainties – what should I do?????  Continue reading

When Your Chakra Has A Tear In It, Send Reiki To The Rescue!

This morning while I was checking my chakras they all seemed ok except for my 3rd Eye Charka. When I glanced at it I noticed it had a tear in it! A tear? Can chakras tear? Apparently they can.

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A Message From A King

I had a dream the other night of man. He wore a red velvet cape that was edged with gold filigree and he was of great stature. He put his hands on my Crown and Throat Chakra and held them there for a bit. His hands were so soft and warm – I could FEEL it in my dream.

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