Who Is The Angel Of Sound?

Shamael is all about Sound. This includes any sound from music, mantras, nature sounds and of course songs we love. Certain types of music touch us on a soul level. It can make us happy, sad, energetic and of course, remind us of a passed loved one. Also keep in mind that music also sounds like silence 

the angel of sound

Look To The Element Of Water For Comfort

Archangel Shamael says to include water in all forms, part of your daily living.

Think back to before you were born when you were surrounded in the comfort of water. Tap into that feeling again and bring that into your life.

It’s all about new beginnings. Find what it is that you are birthing. Turn to the Water Element for answers.


Today’s message: WATER. Learn To Let Things Go

Archangel Shamael says include water in all forms, as part of your daily living.
We all know that water is a must for the health of our body but do you know it’s vital to the well being of our mind too?
Ever hear the saying, “let it go – like water off a ducks back.” What this means is to learn to let things go – easily and quickly.
Is there something that is heavy on your mind?
Are you holding onto some stress that is just wearing you thin?
Shamael says let it go!!!! As water flows off the ducks back, so should all your stresses and worries because it’s not healthy for you to hold onto thoughts and bad actions that are brought on by others – it’s not yours.
How to do this? Feel it and think about it. Give yourself 5 minutes to think about what is bothering you then grab a glass of water and pour it down your back. As the water flows down your spine, the support structure of your body, it takes with it all your worries.
Down, down, down it goes! Off and away from your body. Let the stress of yesterday go because today, it’s a new day and a beautiful one! Enjoy ❤

Today’s Message: Water


Is your glass of water half full or half empty? How do you look at life or your present situation? Are you going with the flow or not?

Water is the key of life and also life, if it’s to flow smoothly, depends greatly on how we view the events in our lives.

Water cleanses, purifies, makes us feel good and is essential for life and well being. So, how do you look at life? With your glass half full or half empty?

Just keep in mind that no matter what level your glass is, it’s aways refillable!

Have a great Sunday and thank you Shamael for this refreshing message.

Donna 💦 💦