Are You Living A Healthy Spiritual Life?

A healthy Spiritual relationship is when YOU keep YOUR power within yourself. Don’t run around cyber space looking for all the Mediums who give away free readings all the time. It’s not healthy for you and it’s not the way to keep energy healthy for the Medium.

angel cards

Ever see the live videos where people just spew out cards one after the other? Is THAT a reading? Well yea, that person is just reading what the card says and moving onto the next one. Card readings online are great when intuition is used first and the cards are just pulled for verification or a quick insight.

As time goes on and I connect more and more with my Angels and the energy gets clearer and purer. Readings are special gifts and are not to be tossed out in a group read like the Sunday paper. They are about emotions, insights, love and healing and should be given and received with love and respect ❤