Experiencing Thin Realms As Summer Solstice Peaks

With my black baggy shorts and my teal tank top on,  I enjoy the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. It was a warm day but not too hot, nevertheless, my loose clothing felt very comfortable as I enjoyed my time outside.

I was determined on my path, my head was strong in focus, nose down to the ground as I walked. I looked up and saw a very large spider web, you know the kind that looks like lace stop sign? Without hesitation, I walked right through it.

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Time Slips: When The World As You Know It Hiccups For A Brief Second


Time is something we always wish we had more of, seems to go too fast, not fast enough when we’re in school and is something we have a tendency to waste. What happens when we go about our day and something happens to time? Continue reading