A Message From The Ascended Masters About Time and Space

A while back I said that I got a message from my team saying the “the elevator is going up to the next level.” Anyone remember that? The message for that meant that now for 2017 the Ascended Masters will be coming into play BIG time. 
A message from the Ascended Masters

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Messages From The Angels: They’re Hidden In Time

It happens to all of us. We look at the clock and see 11:11 or 2:22, 3:33. 4:44 everyday. We are constantly seeing the same numbers over and over and over again. What is the REAL reason we are seeing these number sequences and what do they mean?

Well, my Angels gave me a really big hint today!

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Walk Slow But Walk Steady

Take your time and walk. There is no rush getting to where you need to be but sometimes, if feels like we’re walking in sand. It slows you down a bit, messes up your pedicure and you may even step on something sharp BUT keep in mind that your destination is where you need to be. You have a strong stride and you will get there. Get it?