Can You Hear Your Angels Speak To You?

It’s amazing what you hear when you relax your mind and trust Spirit. I said to myself, “what should I make for lunch?” and I hear “pasta salad.” Now many of you may be saying “oh it’s just her imagination or mind creating an answer.” Is it really?

If that’s what you believe and it’s 100% ok if you do, there’s a lot of learning yet ahead for you. If you feel that this is one way that our Angels and Guides communicate with us, you are moving forward nicely. Trust that connection ❤

trust what you hear

Have A Question For Your Angels? Ask Them!


I start my day talking to my angels. This morning I said, “Angel Angel Angel. Show me a sign that I am the best psychic medium I can be and I am walking my right path.“ No sooner did I say that I heard a dog bark loudly outside. This made me smile 😇


A Conversation With My Guides; Here’s How It Went

There are a few Meet-Ups that I was planning on taking in about week and last night I was looking at the details so I can plan out my days. The night was quiet until I heard from my Guides. Here’s what they said.

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When Angels Come In Human Forms

Most days I draw a card for myself and ask … Angels, what is my message for today? I kid you not, my day has started off rough and I’ve just been up for an hour at the most.

It’s so easy to tip to the side of negativity and even harder to stay on the positive sometimes.

I have to remind myself of my elements. I am Fire and Water. I’d say that most of the time, I am Water but I know that my Fire is always VERY close behind.

Angels come in many forms. Today, Carrie Beleno is my Angel and through her words of encouragement and positiveness, I feel I am closer to Water. Thank you Carrie ❤

So back to the card of the day.

I asked, “what is my message for today?” Confirmed. You can’t make this stuff up ❤

angelic power

When We Feel “Off” How Can We Prove It Was An Energy Thing?

I had a great question asked from a member in my Angel Huggers group in Facebook. We were all talking about the strong geomagnetic energy surges that are constantly swirling around and making us feel off. Here’s her question.

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