Archangel Michael Comes In Today With A Message of Strength

Who’s the Angel that has the strongest attitude. Do you know? This Angel will say what he wants, fly in when he wants and most definitely tell you what’s on his mind.

Did you say Michael? Well if you did, you are 100% right.

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Memorial Day Message. Watch For Facades

I woke up this morning and was waiting for a message from Spirit. I started looking through my facebook feeds and it was just too “off.” Some people are sick, tired, complaining about something, responding to all the fake news still, needing to change their bodies with commercial products – all kinds of stuff.

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The Waning Gibbous Moon Is The Time To Adjust and Refine

I don’t know about you but I am like clockwork when it comes to the moon phases. Today I feel a bit “off” and wouldn’t you know it, it’s the Waning Gibbous moon. This moon phase is the perfect time to refine, adjust and edit.

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In Times of Hardship, Angels Are Everywhere

So much is going on these days and now, Hurricane Matthew. That is a lot of energy swirling around, energies of  worry, sadness, disbelief and anger.

Whenever there is a concentration of that energy around – and you’ll find it in hospitals, funeral homes and dentist offices just to name a few, you’ll find Angels.

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What If We Don’t Know All The Answers?

When we see something that just doesn’t make sense to us – how do we process that? Sometimes at the end of the day I think back at how the day unfolded and say, “what the heck was THAT all about?”

Keep in mind that EVERYTHING we see, feel and learn for the day is for US. There is a reason we experienced what we did or heard what we heard or felt what we felt. Most of it doesn’t makes sense now but it will. What do we do meanwhile? TRUST.

Experiences are given to us for a reason. They shape who we are and what we do and who’ll we’ll become. We don’t have to know the reason today because deep down, that information is being stored for us to know … someday. Just trust yourself. The answers will come.


How Does A Medium Trust Enough To Do Readings?

I chose three cards today. The first one that showed was TRUST, then FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION then CREATIVITY. This is exactly what you need to do readings. For those of you who give readings, the 1st thing you have to do is TRUST yourself and to TRUST the images and messages that Spirit gives you – that’s what a Medium does.


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When Is The Best Time For Our Psychic Abilities To Kick In?

This week, I was chatting somewhere in the Facebook world about our gifts and how important it is to clear your mind. When you have a clear mind, it’s open to receive. Many people feel that this is when their gifts stop but it’s not – they are just resting. It’s imperative that you trust yourself. You have everything you need to be you!
trust your psychic abilities

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