Raziel Helps Us Unwind! Start Your Week By Opening Your Heart Chakra

Starting the week with the message to UNWIND.

Is it weird to unwind before you even start? NO!!! Think of this message like a warm-up before you work out. Unwind, warm up not only your body but your Soul.

Stand up, stretch, lift your arms up and out to the sides as you gently bend back. This opens your Heart Chakra by the way.

Feel good? Sure you do! Have a great Monday 




Raziel’s Message Today Will Spin You Like A Top!

Our beautiful Archangel Raziel comes in to say to us, UNWIND. We have all been feeling it- for weeks now right? So Raziel is saying enough already and just put your party pants on and chill.

Enjoy yourself and unwind. As crazy busy as our day gets, look at all the things that bring you joy and soak that all up. It can be something as simple as reading a book, going for a hike, gardening, going to the spa – whatever! Just UNWIND. Oh this is funny – he just gave me this visual…


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