Water: It’s A Complicated Element

Water can be complex. It’s beautiful yet it can look ugly. It makes us feel good yet we can die in it. It’s warm yet it can be too cold for us to survive. Why is the Water Element so complex and how can help us in our Spiritual path?

The water element is all about reflection

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How To Restore Your Soul. Take a Spiritual Shower In Your Element

When you feel out of sorts, frazzled, weary, tuckered, worn out, stressed, fallen and just down right spent, where do you go? What do you do?

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Change Your Vibration in a Splash, I Mean Flash

The mind is a VERY powerful tool. Ever wake up in the morning and just feel off? Well put your mind to work and change that off feeling in a flash. I’m talking about your vibration. When you do something you love or go somewhere that makes you happy, that raises your vibration. When you have a higher vibration, you create a better connection with your Angels. What can you do? It’s as simple as this!

Angels Love Water



I wanted to share this drawing I did of a vision I had during a meditation a few months ago.

The Angels were standing by a waterfall looking down on earth – apparently some really like water! Anyway, they had a very playful feel to them and this particular bunch had beautiful gold rings around their heads. They smile as they look down at us through an opening in the sky.

So when you are by water and get that relaxing, happy feeling – maybe your Angels are looking down upon you!

Donna 💦 💦

Movement: Get Your Soul in Motion

MovementWe all know moving and exercise is healthy for our bodies but take that one step further and notice the movement in your life. Watch the birds fly, the trees sway and how children play. Take notice of the small movements in our lives such as the flow of water because they may be the most nourishing to us. Everything has energy. Everything has movement. Enjoy it!

Today’s Message: Water


Is your glass of water half full or half empty? How do you look at life or your present situation? Are you going with the flow or not?

Water is the key of life and also life, if it’s to flow smoothly, depends greatly on how we view the events in our lives.

Water cleanses, purifies, makes us feel good and is essential for life and well being. So, how do you look at life? With your glass half full or half empty?

Just keep in mind that no matter what level your glass is, it’s aways refillable!

Have a great Sunday and thank you Shamael for this refreshing message.

Donna 💦 💦