Angel Hug 2:34 “One Of The Best Blogs Out There”

The other day I received one of the best compliments from a client. I did a reading for her and she responded with:

“I read almost everything I can get my hands on, and your style of writing and content information on your blog is one of the best out there in, my opinion.  You have a way of connecting with your audience.  Great article on connecting with your angels today!! Thank you for your openness!!” I am very, very thankful for your words – really!!!

Angel Hug 2:34 was JUST a year old this past June. It started out in the month of June at 2:34 am when Spirit told me to get this blog going and talk from the heart. There are blogs out there that I’ve been reading for years and though were pretty good so to hear this, I have no words.

My Angels take 100% of the credit.  I thank them and you all for reading this blog <3.

Thank you from Angel Hug 2:34