Now Is The Time To Listen To Your Yin Yang

Today’s Moon Phase is just about very close to 50%. Here again, it’s all about balance.

When we talk about balance it’s about trying to “stay in the middle.”

Kudos to Agatha Arlington last night in our ZOOM meet – and I’m sorry I forgot to record it – who confirmed the moon phase.

Who’s having dreams of either being half man/half woman? That was me just a few days ago.


Who is finding themselves gravitate towards wearing black and white?

Who feels that they are swaying a little too much on one side either too woo-woo or too busy with work?

These are the polarities of the Yin Yang and are what we should be focusing on now.

Find the natural rhythm of your body and listen to it. It will not lead you wrong … only if you listen to your inner voice and put your ego aside. Then the process is easy!

What Does A Clairvoyant See?

It’s such a gift to be able to “see” as a Clairvoyant but even better to be able to show others what you see. Here, I designed a digital picture of an image I saw when I took a 30 minute nap today. Clear as day and almost identical to what I saw. Pretty cool isn’t it. But what does it mean?

what does a clairvoyant see